Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey everyone, rummaging in my room i found one of my old poem books, and I had kicks out of reading so, I decided to share them Please note, these go all the way back to 2000, so yeah you can laugh.enjoy!


I though i found it all,
when I looked into your eyes,
but this heart of mine,
was telling me lies.

I felt I had it all,
If i spent a while with you,
How many times i hoped,
you felt this way too.

I thought life was perfect,
if your smile came my way,
but now i know,
in my heart you cannot stay.

I thought i found love it you,
but i was wrong

you turned my life around and
brought it down with a bang

your heart belongs with her,
and with her it will stay
i've realized, you're not my sunshine ray

you were never mine, not for a single moment,
and somehow, i'll get over this torment,
so live your life, i've let you go,
and in the sea of life, continue, just row.


Loving you sounds so easy
yet it is so hard,
because you push away
my heart leaving marred

loving you sounds so peaceful
yet it is my torment
and i try to understand
where all your feelings went

Loving you sounds so small,
yet to me it is the world
and every time you walk past
you don't realize my heart you've turned.

Loving you sounds so temporary,
yet for me it is forever,
because forget you, no matter what
I know, will be never
you don't realize my heart you've turned


Sometimes life seems tough
and it seems you can't go on
sometimes thats it, you've had enough
and you don't know where to land.

sometimes you can't stand the hurt,
and nothing makes any sense,
sometimes it seems nothing is worth,
the pain that is so immense

Sometimes you just want it all to end,
and just let everything go away.
sometimes the trouble can't seem to mend,
and wherever you go they seem to lay.

and sometimes all you need is just one smile
and with someone your troubles to share
sometimes you can make the extra mile
all you need is someone to care.


If i could take away your fears
and make them my own...
if it would stop your tears,
i would even be a clown

if i could take away all thats wrong
i would give you my smile...
if i had what makes you strong,
you would go the extra smile.

if i could take away all the pain,
i would be there through the hours..
if my tears would be your rain,
your garden would have flowers.

if to make your world perfect, i had the key,
i would give you this moment...
to make you happy, even if its without me.


priscie said...

hey, those poems brought back some bitter memories. life of a girl. we suffer so much and we still survive! I liked #1 more. and the one with making him happy even it's not with me. "once you're happy, i can b happy"

Everything has a reason why said...

ohh, sorry sara lee, i never meant it to bring back memories...yeah, life of a female, somehow i guess, God knew what he was doing! yeah, if you really love him, if he's happy, somehow, and you know someone else loves him maybe a fraction of the way you do... yeah you're happy.

Ian said...

well well well, what words 2 use! seems like you are hurting my friend. Don't worry sometimes the person we love need to go so that we know if its the real one we want to be with.
to be honest, this reminds me of me!! if the hat fits wear it huh...stone me!!!

Ian said...

well, seems this poem fits like the im a gona wear it!!
dont hurt...move on and let go...todos have their own to love.

Everything has a reason why said...

hey ian;
thanks for commenting.. not really hurting, i am past the hurt, so i put those poems up to let the pain go away... yeah if the hat fits, wear it! lOL

priscie said...

Don't worry judz. I'm past the hurt too. All that I have are just memories. Get this though, another person can't love someone the way you do, it's either better or a little bit worse.
As Ian says, sometimes we just have to let go, no matter how much it hurts. I read somewhere that if you let go and it comes back, it's real love. wonder if that's true.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Life of a girl huh? Guys go through those too you know. Those poems are reminiscent of youth.

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Love? It doesn't exist, thats why every one hurts...

Or does it?

sadly we'll never know simply because we are so human.

Everything has a reason why said...

@ leo- really, you men know those stuff... kidding, of course you do, everyone does, sometimes you just don't realize it.
@danny- LOVE DOES EXIST, you just haven't realize it yet, but its there,and sometimes its staring you right in the face

priscie said...

Hey Dan, should that mean that if there is love there won't be any hurt?
Anyway, I'll tell you that it does exist.

llikdaor123 said...

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